Over packed and never again

So on our last adventure, which we will blog about later, we went away for 7 days and seriously over packed. While at our destination of choice we began to realize the error of our ways. With two checked bags (at a wonderful price of $25 u.s per bag) a carry on and a tote, I’d definitely say we over did it. So while away we started to wonder, why not start traveling strictly carry on or for that matter, why not with a back pack of some sort? See we are always on the go and needing a quick change of clothes is the norm for us along with water shoes that are usually needed while traveling in beach and water destinations as well as the ever so important snorkel gear (you never know when you will stumble across that hidden gem of a beach that no one told you about), or a bathing suit because you found that hidden waterfall, perhaps you want to eat out and the restaurant requires a shirt with sleeves, no tank tops allowed. Lol. Believe me these things happen and if you are like us, you understand.


Did I mention those beautiful tidal pools that you stumble across from time to time while hiking through trails that no one told you about. šŸ™‚

Well, so it begins. The search for the perfect pack for us, if it even exists. It seems that there is going to always be a compromise of some sort, so what exactly do we need and what don’t we need?
After a discussion between Laura and myself we decided to try a simple backpack from Jan Sport. This seemed to make the most sense for us as we are not trekking through miles of trails and we don’t need to carry everything all the time, the inconvenience of a top loading bag does not fit our needs. We wanted something that was just as at home in an urban setting as at the beach.



As you can see there is nothing special about our pack. It is very simplistic.  It has a large two zipper main compartment, a second compartment that also has a double zipper with room enough for a few books, a magazine and snorkel gear, except fins (my fins are a problem, with a size 12 foot these fins are fairly long). We may need another pack eventually but in the meantime we just carabiner clipped them to the outside of the bag.  There are three outside and easily accessible pockets with zippers that were great for any smaller and commonly used items. There is a mesh side pouch which is great for a water bottle. Of the three pockets on the front of the pack, the largest also has a double zipper. I find the double zipper to be quite handy for opening along with lockable qualities. I have two major complaints about this pack however, one, it does not have compression straps and two, it does not have any loops to add carabiners to.
We needed to test the theory of strictly using a backpack so a weekend trip seemed the perfect place to start and of course why not Memorial Day weekend. So New Jersey Shore here we are.  The Jersey Shore is local enough to us, that it is with out traffic of course, only an hour and a half drive away. So this was a great starting point. This beautiful weekend, gave us the opportunity to test out the pack and find out its flaws and it’s perks.  Although there may be a few things missing that I would have liked to have added to the pack, we now see that a week long trip is possible with a backpack for each of us


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