Mistitled and Categorized leave travel out of it.

I read a blog a little earlier, the title caught my interest albeit it was very generic but it pertained to travel so non the less it caught my interest. I have traveled to many places world wide and in my own country. I find it very interesting to see what people have to say about the places I have been or plan on going. So when a title such as “my fist day in Barcelona” comes across my screen I have this instant urge to read it.
With in the first three seconds of the read I was a bit turned off as the beginning sentence was about an author who has recently passed away. Now, don’t get me wrong but why would you start your blog that is about your first day in Barcelona with the death of some author?
I continued to read through the post and was very disappointed in the content of this blog. The author of the post has a very nice style of writing and I believe she just let her poor attitude shine through. It is very nice when a person can get their feelings across through words and I suppose I have no right to question the post, I could have just stopped reading it. The fact is I did not. The post kept me reading, I am not questioning her writing ability but more so of her poor title choice, category selection and demeaning attitude throughout the post.
This author seems to be very depressed and from what I felt as I read the post, above everyone she is currently surrounded by. Most people while traveling are looking for relaxation, freedom and no judgment however this woman felt it necessary to judge all around her. She mocks the club the group choose to go to. Saying it was a carbon copy of every other club world wide with bad music, over priced drinks and people who can’t move. So I am going to assume she believes herself to be the pinnacle of dance moves. I have been to many clubs world wide and yes they all offer for the most part the same thing, music, atmosphere, heavily over priced and under poured drinks. Being from NYC and having access to numerous dance clubs with a plethora of night life activities I assure you at some point they all seem the same. However you go out with friends to enjoy the night not to question everyone who is!
If you were not in a good mood and did not want the attention of men or want to dance and be free, then stay in your hostel. Sulk, cry and wallow in your sorrows for the lose of someone who didn’t know you existed. Everyone who was around you would have been better off. Also why not keep that day for your “I want to kill myself” blog and leave the travel out of it.


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